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Sketch 40: Powercuts = annoying!

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electric lantern on a malayalam magazine

brushes app on iPhone.


Sketch 39: from the garden (video)

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Brushes on iPhone

Sketch 38: Knight [video]

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Brushes app on iPhone.

Sketch 37: lantern

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Brushes app on iPhone.

And here is the video of the process..

(Strange, actually I painted the lantern first and then the background!)

Sketch 36: Video!

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Brushes app on iPhone 3G.

Edit: Vimeo seems to be better to upload videos in portrait format. Youtube doesn’t do that!? is a lot neater as well.

Sketch 35

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Still experimenting with Brushes app. I like the way some brushes behave. And IMHO Sketchbook-mobile app has better usability characteristics. Especially the Brush size and opacity puck. And double tap a corner to reset zoom option —I have disabled zoom reset option in Brushes –it is quite annoying!

Brushes on iPhone 3G.

Sketch 34

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Autodesk has regularly updated their mobile sketching and painting app Sketchbook-mobile with feature additions and other enhancements, keeping up with Apple’s announcements on new iOS versions and iPhone upgrades. But I have to say all these new features and enhancements has made it quite slower as well (on older iPhone, and iPod touch devices). Sketchbook mobile lags quite a bit in iPhone 3G; just enough to make it uncomfortable to paint in anymore!

Few days ago I downloaded the famed Brushes app. It has fewer features than the Sketchbook-mobile app, but it’s responsive and fast on my outdated smart phone. Besides I like the video feature in Brushes app. Later maybe I’ll share my painting process (so that you can tell me how I can improve! :))

Brushes app on iPhone 3G (duh!).