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Sketch 36: Video!

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Brushes app on iPhone 3G.

Edit: Vimeo seems to be better to upload videos in portrait format. Youtube doesn’t do that!? is a lot neater as well.


Sketch 35

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Still experimenting with Brushes app. I like the way some brushes behave. And IMHO Sketchbook-mobile app has better usability characteristics. Especially the Brush size and opacity puck. And double tap a corner to reset zoom option —I have disabled zoom reset option in Brushes –it is quite annoying!

Brushes on iPhone 3G.

Sketch 34

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Autodesk has regularly updated their mobile sketching and painting app Sketchbook-mobile with feature additions and other enhancements, keeping up with Apple’s announcements on new iOS versions and iPhone upgrades. But I have to say all these new features and enhancements has made it quite slower as well (on older iPhone, and iPod touch devices). Sketchbook mobile lags quite a bit in iPhone 3G; just enough to make it uncomfortable to paint in anymore!

Few days ago I downloaded the famed Brushes app. It has fewer features than the Sketchbook-mobile app, but it’s responsive and fast on my outdated smart phone. Besides I like the video feature in Brushes app. Later maybe I’ll share my painting process (so that you can tell me how I can improve! :))

Brushes app on iPhone 3G (duh!).

Sketch 33

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Sketch book mobile on iPhone 3G.

Recently I tried sketchbook mobile on a friend’s iPod touch (the previous gen.). It was really fast and responsive. They say the new one is 2x faster.. My iPhone 3G is officially old. I can’t update it anymore without slowing it down terribly, neither can I use newest generation apps. Most of ’em are slow. Sketchbook mobile is quite slow as well. I think I have to upgrade, or find something better & bigger to draw on!

Sketch 32.

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The Daily Sketch 32 (now I am just too ashamed to call it “Daily” anymore!), is of a yellow-bell-flower from our garden.

Sketchbook Mobile on iPhone 3G

Written by Hari

September 1, 2010 at 10:04 pm

“May the force be with you.”

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I just found this website, which belongs to a “video game developer by day, and a robotpirate builder of things by night.”[sic]. Checkout his gallery of custom-built Star Wars light-saber replicas. It includes detailed descriptions and documentation of the build process using tons of large photographs.

Hey and don’t forget to check out his sketch book —pure awesomeness!

Written by Hari

September 1, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Daily Sketch 31: Walker

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